Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us and send us your consultation/query.

They speak English and Spanish.

Air tickets are included in the rate (except if otherwise specified). In the detailed Itinerary of each tour, you will see the specifications of all the services that are included and of those that are not included.

Content All passengers are required to have travel insurance, which should be hired personally by each passenger. Please note that it should be up to date, appropriate for the activities you´ll be practicing and valid for the destination country. It is also necessary that the receipt of such coverage be sent to the agency prior to the initiation of the trip. 

In the detailed Itinerary of each tour, there is a list of the services that are included and of those that are not included. But, if in doubt, do not hesitate to consult us.

We recommend arriving at least two days in advance to acclimatize, to recover from the flight, to overcome the jet-lag and to see the city.

We can book your pre-tour and post-tour accommodation for you. Don’t hesitate to ask!!

We strongly recommend you to bring your own bike to ensure a more confotable ride. There are also renting options according to the tour, please contact us for availabilty and further details.

Click here to access our recommended List of Specific Gear and Equipment for each Activity.

Click here to access our recommended List of Specific Gear and Equipment for each Activity.

It is the same as delivering any other piece of lugagge. You may pack your bike in a carton box (usually available for free!) or, if you wish, you may invest in a piece of luggage specially designed for further protection. Both can be obtained at bike stores or workshops, where you can also ask for assistance to pack it safely for the trip. Here, our guides will help you to assemble and disassemble your bike when you arrive and return.

Tours are classified according to levels of difficulty or according to activities so that you can pick the one that best adapts to you.

“Levels of activity” is a way of classifying tours according to different levels of difficulty, depending on the physical effort, weather, geography and technical difficulty involved in each tour. There are five levels of difficulty (Easygoing, Moderate, Challenging, and Pro/Enduro). For a detailed description of each level, please click here.

A support vehicle will accompany us most of the time, which we may use whenever we feel to do so. We will have two or three options depending on the tour . If you wish to cover a greater daily distance, please inform the tour leader and, in most cases, there will be options to do so.

“With the kids” tours are specially designed for families. As to any other tour, it will all depend on the age and fitness level of the child. Please, ask for more information regarding this matter.

We operate with two levels of accommodation: “Premier Inns” (4 and 5 stars) and “Casual Inns” (3 and 4 stars).

Please, send us an e-mail with any special requirement and we will do our best to meet them. Whenever this is not possible, we will inform you beforehand so as to be able to find an alternative solution.

If you are a travel agency interested in sport-related tours or if you have a group of friends or a training team who wishes to try out its endurance/skills in a true challenge, contact us and we will set up your tour to the destination you choose within the region.